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PPS 5.04


Policy and Procedure Statement 5.04 Start-Up Funds
Review Cycle: Dec. 1, E2Y (6 paragraphs)
Review Date 12/1/2016  
Reviewer: Provost  



1. Start-up funds are defined as funds that are committed to a faculty member at the point of hiring. The funds are provided at the discretion of the Provost to selected new faculty members to allow them to obtain necessary equipment and/or instrumentation, supplies, and other items required to initiate a competitive research/scholarly activity that will generate externally funded grants and/or contracts.


2. The Provost in consultation with each Dean and Chair will determine the  amount of start-up funds that will be offered to a potential faculty member.

3. The Dean and/or Chair in consultation with the Personnel Committee at the appropriate time in the interview process and prior to any offer being made will, with approval of the Provost, indicate to the faculty candidate(s) the amount of start-up funds that will be made available to the candidate should he/she be hired. The Dean and/or Chair will at the time that start-up funds are discussed with the candidate, clearly state to the candidate the performance expectations of the Department and/or College associated with the use of the start-up funds. For example, yearly publication expectations and external funding expectations over a three-year or probationary period would be clearly stated.

4. At the time that a formal, written offer is made to a candidate, the amount of the start-up package will be clearly stated. The candidate will be informed that there is an expectation that the start-up funds will be expended during the first two years of employment, but with approval from the Dean and Provost, expenditures can be extended beyond the second year.  

5. It is the responsibility of the Chair and Dean in consultation with the Personnel Committee to monitor the performance of the new faculty and to determine on a yearly basis whether or not performance expectations are being met.  Written comments should be provided to the faculty and records should be kept for annual evaluations.


6. This PPS has been approved by the reviewer listed below and represents  Texas State's Division of Academic Affairs policy and procedure from the  date of this document until superseded.

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Gene Bourgeois
Provost and Vice President for
Academic Affairs

Texas State University
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
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