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Colleges, Schools and Departments


College of Applied Arts

    T. Jaime Chahin, PhD, dean,
    Lisa Marie Tobias, administrative assistant,
    Office: AG 300

Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC)

 Lt. Col. Gary L. Foster, MAS, chair,
 Erin Magee, administrative assistant,
 Office: DERR 301
 Phone: 512.245.2182

Agricultural Sciences

  Madan M. Dey, PhD, chair,
  Polly Chavez, administrative assistant,
  Office: AG 206
  Phone: 512.245.2130
  Fax: 512.245.3320

Criminal Justice and Criminology

  Christopher J. Sullivan, PhD, director,
  Cheryl Rowden, administrative assistant,
  Office: HINE 108
  Phone: 512.245.2174
  Fax: 512.245.8063

Family and Consumer Sciences

  Andrew O. Behnke, PhD, director,
  Kara Stevenson, administrative assistant,  
  Office: FCS 101
  Phone: 512.245.2155
  Fax: 512.245.3829

Military Science (Army ROTC)

 Lt. Col. Lakicia R. Stokes, MSK, chair,
  Victoria Gonzales, administrative assistant,
  Office: ADAM 104
  Phone: 512.245.3232
  Fax: 512.245.3264

Organization, Workforce, and Leadership Studies

  Shetay N. Ashford-Hanserd, PhD, chair,
  Dawn Currie, administrative assistant, 
  Office: PED 101
  Phone: 512.245.2115
  Fax: 512.245.3047

Social Work

  Angela R. Ausbrooks, PhD, director,
  Sonya Kraus, administrative assistant,
  Office: HPB 150
  Phone: 512.245.2592
  Fax: 512.245.8097


Emmett & Miriam McCoy College of Business Administration

    Sanjay Ramchander, DBA, dean,
    Christina Vaughan, administrative assistant,
    Office: McCoy Hall 530


  Ann L. Watkins, PhD, chair,
  Kelly D. Laxson, administrative assistant,
  Office: McCoy Hall 431
  Phone: 512.245.2566
  Fax: 512.245.7973

Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods

 Alexander J. McLeod, Jr., PhD, chair,
  Christy Etter-Esse, administrative assistant,
  Office: McCoy Hall 404
  Phone: 512.245.2291
  Fax: 512.245.1452

Finance and Economics

  Ruby P. Kishan, PhD, chair,
  Melissa Herrera, administrative assistant,
  Office: McCoy Hall 504
  Phone: 512.245.2547
  Fax: 512.245.3089


  Paula Rechner, PhD, chair,
  Pamela Geiger Brooks, administrative assistant,
  Office: McCoy Hall 524
  Phone: 512.245.2571
  Fax: 512.245.2850


  Enrique Becerra, PhD, chair,
  Cheryl Contreras, administrative assistant,
  Office: McCoy Hall 424
  Phone: 512.245.7428
  Fax: 512.245.7475


College of Education

    Michael P. O'Malley, EdD, dean,
    Donya Villarreal, administrative assistant,
    Office: ED 2001

Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education, and School Psychology

  Kevin A. Fall, PhD,
  Jasmine Prince, administrative assistant,
  Office: ED 4032
  Phone: 512.245.3083
  Fax: 512.245.8872

Curriculum and Instruction

  Nihat Polat, PhD,
  Naomi Wilson, administrative assistant,
  Office: ED 3044
  Phone: 512.245.2157
  Fax: 512.245.7911

Health and Human Performance

  Ronald D. Williams, Jr., PhD, chair,
  Martin Zavala, administrative assistant,
  Office: JOW A116
  Phone: 512.245.2561
  Fax: 512.245.8678


College of Fine Arts and Communication

   John Fleming, PhD, dean,
    Lisa Herman, administrative assistant,
    Office: OM 112

Art and Design

  Jeffrey Dell, MFA, interim director,
  Ginger Blanchard, administrative assistant,
  Office: JCM 2112
  Phone: 512.245.2611
  Fax: 512.245.7969

Communication Studies

  C. Erik Timmerman, PhD, chair,
  Amanda Guajardo, administrative assistant,
  Office: CENT 205
  Phone: 512.245.2165
  Fax: 512.245.3138

Journalism and Mass Communication

  Judy Oskam, EdD, director,
  Stephanie Bandy, administrative assistant,
  Office: OM 102
  Phone: 512.245.2656
  Fax: 512.245.7649


  Joey Martin, DMA, interim director,
  Krystyn Jensen, administrative assistant,
  Office: MUS 101
  Phone: 512.245.2651
  Fax: 512.245.8181

Theatre and Dance

  Sarah Maines, MFA, chair,
  Lori Beth Smith, administrative assistant,
  Office: THEA 101
  Phone: 512.245.2147
  Fax: 512.245.8440


The Graduate College

   Andrea Golato, PhD, dean,
    Janet Moseley, manager of graduate admissions,
    Office: JCK 280


College of Health Professions

    Ruth B. Welborn, PhD, dean,
    Margie Rodriguez, administrative assistant,
    Office: ENC 201

Clinical Laboratory Science

  Rodney E. Rohde, PhD, program chair,
  Carmen Adams, administrative assistant,
  Office: ENC 350
  Phone: 512.245.3500
  Fax: 512.245.7860

Communication Disorders

  Lori L. Stiritz, MA, chair,
  Raidah Murshed, administrative assistant,
  Office: WIL 253
  Phone: 512.716.2624

Health Administration

  C. Scott Kruse, PhD, director,
  Julie Carroll, administrative assistant,
  Office: ENC 250
  Phone: 512.245.3556
  Fax: 512.245.8712

Health Information Management

  David L. Gibbs, PhD, chair,
  Gabriela Zegarra-Coronado, administrative assistant, 
  Office: ENC 310
  Phone: 512.716.2840
  Fax: 512.716.2827

Physical Therapy

  Janet R. Bezner, PhD, chair,
  Rosie Alier, administrative assistant,
  Office: WIL 336
  Phone: 512.716.2652

Radiation Therapy

  Megan L. Trad, PhD, interim program chair,
  LaDonna Cannon, administrative assistant,
  Office: ENC 220
  Phone: 512.716.2831

Respiratory Care

  S. Gregg Marshall, PhD, chair,
  April Rock, administrative assistant, 
  Office: WIL 214
  Phone: 512.716.2682
  Fax: 512.716.2805

St. David's School of Nursing

  Marla Erbin-Roesemann, PhD, director,
  Sandy Cagle, administrative assistant,
  Office: SON 337
  Phone: 512.716.2900
  Fax: 512.716.2911


Honors College

    Heather C. Galloway, PhD, dean,
    Amy Gillis, administrative assistant, 
    Office: LAMP 407


College of Liberal Arts

    Mary C. Brennan, PhD, dean,
    Nay Cook, administrative assistant,
    Office: FH 313


 Christina Conlee, PhD, chair,
  Treena Herington, administrative assistant,
  Office: ELA 266
  Phone: 512.245.8272
  Fax: 512.245.8076

Center for International Studies

  Paul Hart, PhD,
  Cheryl Howe, administrative assistant,
  Office: Derr 101
  Phone: 512.245.2339
  Fax: 512.245.7949


  Victoria L. Smith, PhD, chair,
  Taylor Cortesi, administrative assistant,
  Office: FH 365
  Phone: 512.245.2163
  Fax: 512.245.8546

Geography and  Environmental Studies

  Yongmei Lu, PhD, chair,
  Angelika Wahl, administrative assistant,
  Office: ELA 139
  Phone: 512.245.2170
  Fax: 512.245.8353


  Jeffrey L. Helgeson, PhD, chair,
  Madelyn Patlan, administrative assistant,
  Office: TMH 202
  Phone: 512.245.2142
  Fax: 512.245.3043


  James Craig Hanks, PhD, chair,
  Kellea Clark, administrative assistant, 
  Office: CMAL 102
  Phone: 512.245.2285
  Fax: 512.245.8335

Political Science

  Kenneth L. Grasso, PhD, chair,
  Denise Bjerke, administrative assistant,
  Office: UAC 355
  Phone: 512.245.2143
  Fax: 512.245.7815


  Natalie A. Ceballos, PhD, chair,
  Kim Burns, administrative assistant, 
  Office: UAC 253
  Phone: 512.245.2526
  Fax: 512.245.3153


  Toni T. Watt, PhD, chair,
  Deborah Howell, administrative assistant,
  Office: UAC 449
  Phone: 512.245.2113
  Fax: 512.245.8362

World Languages and Literatures

  Lucy D. Ditto Harney, PhD, chair,
  Beth Smith, administrative assistant,
  Office: CENT 214
  Phone: 512.245.2360
  Fax: 512.245.8298


College of Science and Engineering

    Christine E. Hailey, PhD, dean,
    Lillian Garcia, administrative assistant,
    Office: CENT 201


  Dittmar Hahn, PhD, chair,
  Celena Gutierrez, administrative assistant,
  Office: SUPP 384
  Phone: 512.245.2178
  Fax: 512.245.8713

Chemistry & Biochemistry

  William J. Brittain, PhD, chair,
  Eliamar Martinez, administrative assistant,
  Office: CHEM 238
  Phone: 512.245.2156
  Fax: 512.245.2374

Computer Science

  Hongchi Shi, PhD, chair,
  Karen Hollensbe, administrative assistant,
  Office: CMAL 211
  Phone: 512.245.3409
  Fax: 512.245.8750

Engineering Technology

  William James Wilde, PhD, chair,
  Sylvia Salinas, administrative assistant,
  Office: RFM 2240E
  Phone: 512.245.2137
  Fax: 512.245.3052

Ingram School of Engineering

  Jesus Jimenez, director,
  Sarah Rivas, administrative assistant,
  Office: IGRM 2203
  Phone: 512.245.1826
  Fax: 512.245.7771


  Susan Morey, PhD, chair,
  Melinda Guerrero, administrative assistant,
  Office: MCS 470
  Phone: 512.245.2551
  Fax: 512.245.3425


  Mark W. Holtz, PhD, chair,
  William Cardwell, administrative assistant,
  Office: RFM 3240
  Phone: 512.245.2131
  Fax: 512.245.8233


University College

    Mary Ellen Cavitt, Ph.D, dean,
    Heather Aidala, administrative assistant,
    Office: UAC 149-B
    Phone: 512.245.3579
    Fax: 512.245.8756